Project Focus: JPMorgan Chase Tower

December 14, 2021by Admin

JPMorgan Chase Tower, is a well-known, five-sided skyscraper located in downtown Houston. At just over 1,000 feet tall, the Tower houses 75 stories of office space for many Houston business institutions, as well as some retail space, and is currently the tallest building in Houston and Texas at large. It was built between 1979 and 1981. JPMorgan Chase Tower recently underwent a massive renovation project, which included upgrading the aesthetics of the surrounding outdoor space. 

Scope (Three Phases): Hardscape Construction, Landscape Installation


  • Work for the first phase of the project took place on the southeast side of the building. Major hardscape installation work took place, including concrete sub-slab to prepare for pavers, granite stonework, precast benches and handrails. 
  • We landscaped the entire portion of the property and added a trellis to provide shade tenets of the Tower.
  • Similar work was conducted in Phase 2 as was in Phase 1, but on the southwest side of the building and on a smaller scale. More concrete sub-slab was added in preparation for pavers and granite stonework. 
  • Precast benches were put in, as well as illuminated handrails.
  • Another trellis was added and landscaping was installed. 
  • Phase 3 work took place on the north side of the building, and was a continuation of the hardscaping and landscaping scopes that took place on the south side of the building. 

General Contractor: O’Donnell/Snider Construction

Landscape Architect: HOK

Developer: Hines

B&D Project Manager: Sean Christison

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