Our skilled and highly trained team is well-versed in the needs of the healthcare industry. Our hope is to bring life to the outdoors by creating beautiful spaces that rejuvenate, restore, and comfort patients, their families, and healthcare staff. Through the healing power of nature, our outdoor spaces act as an extension of the medical regimens and therapies happening within the healthcare facility.

By implementing therapeutic courtyards, serene gardens, manicured pathways, and joyful playgrounds, we create comfortable, inviting, and warm environments for the healthcare industry.


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Texas Children’s Hospital

Landscape Installation
Water Features Construction
Hardscape Construction

Texas Children’s Hospital is a nationally recognized pediatric acute care hospital with 724 beds located in Houston, Texas. B&D had the pleasure of working alongside Texas Children’s in the addition of the Merle C. Donigan Play Garden. Before this play garden was created, the original playground was not being utilized by patients and their families because the space wasn’t welcoming and lacked shade structures.

Texas Children’s Hospital wanted to create a space for patients and their families to relax and enjoy during their visit or hospital stay. The play-pieces that were chosen were specifically selected so that children with all physical limitations could use them. Our team paid close attention to the materials being used to ensure the safety and well-being of pediatric patients and their families. The updated playground now has plenty of shade, benches, and lush landscaping to provide a retreat oasis. The custom art piece in the center was supported by a structure created and installed by Renfrow+Co, our sister company.

With the help of B&D Contractors, the Merle C. Donigan Play Garden transformed an ordinary space into a fun, bright outdoor solution that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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Baylor College of Medicine McNair Campus

Landscape Installation

The Baylor College of Medicine’s new McNair Campus opened to the public in 2022. Located in Houston’s renowned Medical Center, the 27.5 acre campus is described as a new model of health care delivery that “focuses on exceptional care at the best value . . .” Future plans for the campus include the addition of education and research facilities. 

In conjunction with Harvey and Kudela & Weinheimer Landscape Architects, B&D Landscape Contractors was tasked with providing total landscaping services to the campus.

Irrigation systems were installed on the Ground level and Level Six balconies, along with minimal hardscaping on each balcony. Colorful plants and trees were placed along the Ground level and balconies, bringing life and character to the property. Custom benches, fabricated by Renfrow+Co, were installed as welcoming rest areas for patients, doctors, nurses and practitioners alike, creating a beautiful space perfect for respite from the daily stressors of life in the medical community. 

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