At B&D, we are uniquely equipped to deliver a quality outdoor solution. We specialize in bringing design plans to life, no matter how simple or intricate in nature. With several degreed landscape architects on staff, we can provide design-assist consultation and analysis to architect clients (if desired) before the initial stages of development begin, ensuring all plan elements can be implemented accurately while honoring the spirit of the design.


A Rigorous Selection Process

Behind every beautiful landscape lies someone who carefully curated the plants that brought it to life. While it might seem trivial, plant selection is often the driver behind which landscapes thrive versus those that die.

Working with the best nurseries in the area, we source plants that hold up in the toughest of Texas climates while complementing our clients’ plans and a landscape’s aesthetic. We closely inspect each plant for health, vitality, and suitability before it reaches your project site. This ensures that only the best plants are chosen, minimizing future maintenance needs while boosting the long-term look of the landscape.

Landscape Installation

Landscape Installation entails more than just putting plants in the ground; it’s a key factor in bringing life to the outdoors. We understand the importance of soil preparation, correct planting techniques, and what’s needed to help plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers of all kinds thrive. Using the landscape architect’s plans as our guide, each plant is positioned within the landscape for optimal health, growth, and aesthetic appeal.

Irrigation Installation

Water Delivery Where You Need It

Water is essential to every landscape, especially with fluctuating climate conditions in Texas. 

We install custom irrigation systems that deliver water precisely where (and when) needed. Whether it’s a drip irrigation system or more advanced models that adjust watering schedules based on weather conditions and social moisture levels, we design systems that maximize water consumption while supporting plant life throughout the landscape.

From sprawling commercial properties to expansive master-planned communities and intimate gardens, our team of experts has the knowledge and experience needed to map out the ideal irrigation system for your landscape. 

Drainage Installation:

A Crucial Part of Every Landscape Design

Water plays a pivotal role in the vitality of any landscape, yet its mismanagement can lead to detrimental effects such as flooding, loss of plant life, and property damage. Waterlogged areas can compromise safety, damage plant roots, and erode landscape features.

Top-notch drainage systems are needed to properly channel and contain water, thus keeping its damaging effects at bay.

No two landscapes are the same, which is why we take a customized approach to each project. Landscape design plans are thoroughly reviewed before any dirt is moved, taking your project’s unique topographical and soil characteristics into consideration. This aids us in designing the right drainage solution. 

Whether integrating subtle grading adjustments, installing French drains, or employing advanced water capture and rerouting techniques, our drainage solutions are designed to protect and enhance your outdoor space for years to come.

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