Project Manager Sean Christison

Sean Christison

Project Manager

Sean began working in the construction industry ten years ago. During that time, he worked on a several well-known jobs, including Buffalo Bayou Park, Midtown Park Super Block Party and the Japanese Garden at Hermann Park.

He started with us as a project manager in September of 2020.

Sean’s most memorable project is when he worked on the Japanese Garden in Hermann Park. Within it is a sacred area with big pieces of granite stone that weigh about 10,000 pounds each. While working on the project, a Japanese architect was flown in for a week to provide direction on the placement of the granite stone and plants. The architect made all of his tools out of plants from the garden. He even dug out all of the holes for the rocks with sticks. Every stone that was set had to be super precise. Sean operated a crane that was used to place the stones perfectly where the architect wanted them. 

What made the project challenging was that the Japanese architect did not speak English. A translator was hired to assist but, unfortunately, broke his ankle the first day on the job. Because of that, only Sean, his crew and the Japanese architect were there to work on the garden. It took some time to overcome the language barrier but they persevered and figured it out.

Sean applies this same stick-to-it-ness to each and every B&D project he leads.

What is your favorite tree and why?

Favorite tree is the Live Oak because they get so big and can live to be so old. Sean’s dad has two historic Live Oak trees at his Sugar Land home. They cannot be trimmed without a trained arborist due to their age – each one is 500 years old!

What is your favorite outdoor space?

Favorite outdoor spaces include Galveston Bay and offshore-Mexico for saltwater fishing, as well as anywhere he can hunt big game and birds.

What does it mean to you to be a solution-ist?

Being a solution-ist means that no matter the problem or the trial, we’ll find a way to get it done.

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