Project Focus: Baylor College of Medicine McNair Campus

October 4, 2022by Admin

The Baylor College of Medicine’s new McNair Campus recently opened to the public. Located in Houston’s renowned Medical Center, the 27.5-acre campus is described as a new model of health care delivery that “focuses on exceptional care at the best value . . .” Future plans for the campus include the addition of education and research facilities. 

In conjunction with Harvey and Kudela & Weinheimer Landscape Architects, B&D Landscape Contractors was tasked with providing total landscaping services to the campus. Irrigation systems were installed on the Ground level and Level Six balconies, along with minimal hardscaping on each balcony. Colorful plants and trees were placed along the Ground level, as well as balconies, bringing life and character to the property. Custom benches, fabricated by Renfrow+Co, have been installed as welcoming rest areas for patients, doctors, nurses and practitioners.  

General Contractor: Harvey

Landscape Architect: KW Landscape Architects

B&D Project Manager: Edgar Gonzalez 

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