Project Manager Edgar Gonzalez

Edgar Gonzalez

Project Manager

Edgar Gonzalez joined B&D as a project manager in February of 2021. His background in landscape maintenance and installation, combined with construction management experience, made him an ideal fit for our team. Edgar has managed several high-profile projects in the Greater Houston area. Highlights include Hanover Autry Park and the Baylor College of Medicine McNair Campus. He thrives on brainstorming with other B&D team members to produce a quality outdoor solution for our clients and continually strives to make the projects he leads better than originally planned.

What is the most meaningful or challenging project you’ve worked on?

Hanover Autry Park. It was the most challenging and also the most meaningful. The most challenging due to the size of it – it was such a monster, such a vast project. And the most meaningful because it’s now become a staple here in Houston. Autry Park isn’t just a high rise, it’s an entire experience, a place where people spend time. 

What does it mean to you to be a "solutionist"?

Instead of just fixing a problem, make it an opportunity to make something better than you originally planned. 

What is your favorite tree or plant?

My favorite tree is the Mexican Sycamore. I like the shape and color of the leaves and the fact that they can thrive in Houston’s tough humid climate. It can sit in a pool of water and not rot or die. It’s durable and also looks good.

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