B&D Intern Experience: A Q&A Interview with Sarah Christison

August 9, 2023by Admin

Sarah Christison interned with the B&D team this summer, bringing with her a passion for the construction industry and thirst for learning. The granddaughter of industry veteran Jack Christison, you could say her love of all things construction runs deep.

Read the Q&A below to learn more about Sarah and highlights of her internship experience.

Where do you go to school? 

Texas State University.

What are you studying?

I’m majoring in Construction Science Management with a minor in Business Administration. I originally majored in Animal Science, but changed course when I took an interest in construction and thought I could excel at it. Construction is a never-ending career path full of opportunities, and there is always a demand for more skilled people. I start my sophomore year this Fall! 

How did you learn about B&D?

Through my grandfather, Jack Christison, and uncle Sean Christison. During my first year of college, I’d call to talk to them and they would update me on what they’re doing at B&D. I jumped at the opportunity to get real-world construction experience that would complement what I’m studying at school. So I started interning with B&D this summer.

What are your internship goals?

My goal at B&D is to see all of the aspects of what makes a team and where I fit best in that category. I want to see the different sides of the business so I can learn what I enjoy doing most. My degree is broad right now, and I’m still dialing in on what I want to focus on within the construction field. So I’m taking it all in. By spending time here, I’ve seen how critical each person’s role is. Everyone at B&D is a team player; without teamwork, we all fall behind. 

What are some of the highlights of your internship?

The things I’m learning have come up in my classes, and it’s cool to experience them firsthand. I’ve been out to job sites like Emancipation Park to see our work in action and sat in bid openings, where I got to see the highest and lowest bids, the vast difference between the two, and what goes into them. 

We’re currently working on a new project, Stone Creek Estates, and I’ve had the opportunity to write out subcontracts for our subs, communicate with them and request information for insurance and submittals.

What’s it like working with the B&D team?

The atmosphere here is great! Linda [Twardowski] has known me since I was a kid. Everyone has been eager to help me learn. They’ve trained and pushed me into doing things on my own, like communicating with other professionals in the field and teaching me how to appropriately write an email. I’ve loved working with a small team, where even I hold some weight. My experience at B&D this summer has really helped me Think Outside in terms of my career, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it!

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