A Look at OJB’s New Houston Office

October 26, 2023by Admin

The Office of James Burnett’s Houston team recently moved into a cush new office located just east of downtown in the up-and-coming East River development. The world-renowned landscape and urban planning firm (commonly known as OJB) has been a long-time partner of B&D, with a relationship spanning more than a decade. Needless to say, we were delighted to lead all of the landscape installation efforts at their new space. 

The site sits within walking distance of Buffalo Bayou, a peaceful respite amidst the racket of surrounding East River construction. If you haven’t yet heard of this innovative mixed-use development, you will – as the largest of such in Houston, ownership of the multi-phase property is aggressively marketing it towards “inventors, builders, creators, and connectors.” The OJB Houston team could not have picked a better place to call home.

Our efforts began this summer, with the excavation of 12” of soil throughout the entire two-building site before adding an application of new mixed soil to prep for landscaping. Irrigation and drainage systems, including French Drains, were added around the perimeter of the buildings, as well as in the courtyard. 

The installation of grass, trees and an assortment of plants came next, right in the thick of record-breaking summer heat. If you’re wondering if this had an impact on the installation, the answer is yes; it took all hands on deck to complete it to the level B&D is known for. The end result? Worth every drop of sweat. 

Decomposed granite and basalt gravel beds accessorize the property, adding texture and visual interest amongst beds of soft grasses and greenery. And while the entire property is impressive in and of itself, the rain garden on the east side of the building is what really sets it off, featuring Pond Cypress trees and two Ipe wood decks that cross a small channel running parallel to the building. Prominent Houston fabricator Renfrow+Co installed metal siding on each bridge, as well as the fencing between the buildings. Lastly, the front property contains a small enclosed patio area where our team installed tile that complements the rest of the exterior surroundings, creating the perfect outdoor oasis for the OJB Houston team.

General Contractor: Satterfield & Pontikes

Landscape Architect: The Office of James Burnett

B&D Project Manager: Sean Christison

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