Project Focus: Sugar Land Town Center

May 24, 2022by Admin

Sugar Land Town Center is a popular office and shopping complex located in Sugar Land, Texas, south of Houston. Originally developed in the early 2000s as part of the First Colony community, the property was in need of an exterior facelift to create a more welcoming space for shoppers, patrons and tenants. In conjunction with Rebees and The Office of James Burnett, our team set out to do just that. 

Scope: Hardscape Construction & Landscape Installation  


  • Demolition of existing sidewalks and curbs and reconstruction of new and improved sidewalks and curbs.
  • Installation of new pavers and brick. 
  • Addition of functional green spaces and seating areas, as well as Festoon lighting and tree uplights to brighten nighttime events.  


  • Tear out of old tree beds and grates. 
  • Addition of fresh landscaping elements, including trees, flowers, shrubs and other plant life.

Developer: Rebees

General Contractor: B&D Landscape Contractors 

Landscape Architect: The Office of James Burnett

B&D Project Manager: Sean Christison  

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