Project Focus: CenterPoint Energy Downtown

March 25, 2023by Admin

CenterPoint Energy is a leading provider of natural gas and electricity in the United States. The company’s headquarters, located in downtown Houston, Texas, underwent a facelift beginning in the early Fall of 2022. The goal of the project? To update more than a dozen existing raised beds surrounding the high-rise building, bringing improvements to the property and providing a fresh new space for employees and passers-by to enjoy.

Construction within a bustling urban setting such as downtown Houston has its own challenges to contend with; lack of storage for materials, tight spaces and constant traffic can cause significant issues on a job site. Our team of solution-ists has the experience to confidently navigate through such circumstances. 

Over the course of several months, we worked through the unpredictable weather of Fall in Houston (a mixture of fluctuating heat, cold and rain) to clear out existing landscaping from each raised bed and install new irrigation and drainage systems. Fresh landscaping was put in after rigorous testing of the irrigation and drainage. Sweet Bay Magnolia trees were planted throughout the beds, with tall, columnar profiles that complement the high-rise building they adorn. The trees will reach approximately 25 feet when they mature and will blossom with traditional Magnolia blooms.

The end result of our efforts is a beautiful outdoor space amidst a busy urban landscape, offering a respite for CenterPoint Energy employees and patrons of downtown Houston alike. 

Client: Avison Young

General Contractor: B&D Landscape Contractors

Landscape Architect: The Office of James Burnett (OJB)

Project Manager: Kenny Bou

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