Business Development Manager Kenny Bou

Kenny Bou

Business Development Manager

Kenny started in September of 2011. The intention was for him to eventually move up to the role of Project Manager. He came on in a superintendent role and got familiar with it, and he spent about a year-and-half out in the field in that support role. He learned the ropes of how to navigate a job site. After that, he jumped into the Project Manager role. He moved up to Senior Project Manager in 2018. In December of 2020, Kenny was promoted to Business Development Manager, a role created for him. Spend just a few minutes with him and you’ll understand that he’s all about relationships.

What is the most meaningful project?

My first solo project as a project manager was a beautiful fountain for Anadarko. It was an intricate design with lots of challenges, but it was also my very first fountain. I worked hard and was supported by the best team in the business. To date, it is a project that I look back on and feel a sense of pride because I was able to deliver an amazing project and meet the expectations of my company and the client, Harvey Builders.

What project are you most proud of?

That’s the beauty of what we do: no two projects are identical. I’m constantly learning. I’d say it was my first project out-of-town. We did a project for an oil and gas company out in Midland. I spent about four months finding new sources and starting from scratch. Not having access to the proven tools and resources made the project interesting. Out of town work always presents new challenges, but the success felt even sweeter.

What does it mean to you to be a solution-ist?

To be a solution-ist is to be able to help the collective team, whether it’s my crew or the architect, be able to work through issues. Because we work in construction, there are always new issues to overcome. To me, I feel very accomplished whenever I’m able to provide a solution and allow the work to continue without delays.

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