Not Your Garden Variety Botanic Garden: The Susan Garver Family Garden

May 10, 2021by Admin

Nestled deep within the concrete jungle of Houston proper exists the Houston Botanic Garden, an oasis of greenery and gardens that provide an escape for residents of the Bayou City. Designed by Dutch landscape architecture and urban design firm West 8, the Houston Botanic Garden is actually a collection of more than a dozen different gardens, each with its own carefully curated theme.

The B&D Landscape Contractors team was selected to bring three of these gardens to life: The Susan Garver Family Garden, Global Collection Garden and the Edible Garden, each during its own phase of a project that spanned roughly one year.

Phase 1: The Susan Garver Family Garden 

Phase One focused on The Susan Garver Family Garden. This Garden, designed with families in mind, features a boardwalk maze around a large lagoon, children’s play equipment and interactive water machines. Groundbreaking took place in September of 2019, and was completed in January 2020.

The children’s play equipment includes unique features you won’t find at your typical playground, including an Archimedes Screw, Nautilus Shell and See-Saw Pump. Water equipment was installed as a way to encourage developmental learning in children of all ages. Stroll through the garden, and you’ll find all sorts of water play devices, including pumps, dams and other simple machines perfect for little hands.

The Susan Garver Family Garden includes plenty of space for the young (and young-at-heart) to spread out and let their imaginations run wild. Loblolly pine trees provide shady spots for rest and relaxation, while a boardwalk maze encourages exploration. Enjoy an hour or an entire day in this garden. There’s plenty to do and see.

Part Two of our Houston Botanic Garden series will focus on Phase Two of the project, the Global Collection Garden.

Project Partners:

Landscape Architect: West 8

General Contractor: Harvey

B&D Project Manager: Yanni Demeris


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