Lindsay Smith

Lead Estimator

  • Lindsey earned a horticulture degree with a business minor from Texas A&M in 2008.
  • Lindsey gained valuable experience as a commercial estimator at Bio Landscape. She also met Bill, who would later recruit her to join him at B&D.
  • Lindsay joined B&D as an estimator in 2016.

What is the most meaningful project?

In my role, that’s kind of hard to determine, because there are so many projects in different phases of estimating. I’m proud of every project that we are awarded. Recently, after bidding several times over an extended period, we were awarded the Ion Series Project (Montrose Collective) and I’m proud that we received the contract. Winning bids takes time and you don’t get immediate gratification for a lot of them.

What does it mean to you to be a solution-ist?

 I am constantly problem solving here. I’m always having to come up with new ideas, new ways to do stuff. And the list is never-ending!

What is your favorite tree or plant?

I have a couple, but the plumeria is a favorite. It started because my grandma used to grow them around her pool at her house. She would break off a piece and give them to my mom, my aunts, really anyone that showed interest. We have so many little trees that all came from my grandma’s tree that she had 25 years ago. It’s like continuing a bloodline of one specific plant.

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