Executive Project Manager Jack Christison

Jack Christison

Executive Project Manager

Executive Project Manager Jack Christison joined our team in 2022. Chances are if you live in Houston or if you’ve been to a Walt Disney theme park you have enjoyed one of Jack’s projects. 

Jack is well-known for many Houston Parks and Recreation projects including Buffalo Bayou Park, Hermann Park Japanese Garden, Midtown Park, and Waldemar Park. The depth and breadth of Jack’s experience in the construction of parks and recreation projects have enabled us to expand our services and include to include amenity centers and other structures. 

Jack has had a fast and furious start with B&D. Jack wears many hats including estimating and project managing our general construction projects. He has built a great team to support this effort and has instituted proven processes to ensure that the team is meeting the goal of helping every client achieve a quality outdoor solution on time and on budget.

What is the most challenging project?

Buffalo Bayou Park is a recognizable standout here in Houston. The challenge of working alongside an active waterway and taking what was a drainage ditch to become a beautiful 50-acre park with feature elements spread out over 5 miles. It brings me great joy to see others enjoying the dog park, skate park, hike and bike trails, etc.

What is your most interesting project?

Interesting? Definitely the projects that I completed for the Walt Disney Company at their Resorts and Theme Parks. Who wouldn’t want to build Fantasy Land? I worked in Orlando at Walt Disney World and also at Disneyland Paris. The projects were challenging, imaginative and the level of detail unsurpassed.

What does it mean to you to be a solution-ist?

Every project has elements that make it a challenge. In my experience accessibility is one of the most trying challenges. Studying the project ahead of time to ensure that you have properly sequenced the work to ensure that you don’t “paint yourself in the room.” A good process can make or break a project.

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