Dan Sugulas

Dan Sugulas

Founding Partner

Dan Sugulas founded B&D Landscape Contractors in 2005. He is actively involved with fiscal oversight and legacy clients.

Dan’s landscape career began as a student, changing oil in the equipment and vehicles for a local family-owned company. He advanced through the ranks from maintenance to leading several jobs as a project manager. It was during one of these projects that Dan impressed a landscape architect who referred him to a larger construction company. He made the leap and spent the next two years working as the commercial construction partner’s right-hand man, learning all facets of winning and completing large projects.

Dan also spent some time working directly for a landscape architect on high-end residential jobs, which perfected Dan’s attention to detail and the creativity to complete seemingly impossible projects.  After a couple of years, Dan became a profit share partner at a local general contractor running the landscape division. Through business contacts, Dan met a man by the name of Frank Burns, and in 2005 they opened B&D Landscape Contractors.

Through his experience in all positions in the landscape construction industry, Dan created the vision for B&D.

What was your most meaningful project?

Upon starting B&D, my first job was a small drainage project in West University for about $12,000. But our second was about a half-million dollars at Chase Tower, the tallest building in downtown Houston, to renovate their plaza. I walked into a meeting with some of the largest general contractors in town and walked out with the contract.

What project are you most proud of?

The job that really put us on the map was the Brochstein Pavilion at Rice University. We were working with world renowned OJB Landscape Architecture and the project included a fountain, our first at B&D. Brochstein was a pivotal project for us and showcased our ability to deliver an award-winning project on time and within budget. It also led to 10 years’ worth of work at Rice. 

What does it mean to you to be a solution-ist?

We recognize the problems a general contractor is going to have before they have them and we identify the way through them. The GC may have the skills to build a skyscraper downtown, but they don’t know how to also deliver a multi-million dollar landscape project and get it done on time.

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