Project Manager Chris Schweigert

Chris Schweigert

Project Manager

When it comes to construction industry experience, you could say that Chris Schweigert is a jack-of-all trades. His interest in construction was piqued as a child, when his dad would take him along on job sites, and has only grown with age. 

Chris graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, and since then, has worked in a variety of positions. His resume runs the gamut of roles within construction, from field crew to superintendent to project manager. He came on board with us in February of 2022 as an Estimator/Project Manager, and presently works full time as a Project Manager. His diverse background and experience makes him a huge asset to our team and clients; we look forward to the unique ways Chris will Think Outside!

What is the most challenging project you've worked on?

From an estimating perspective, the Bridgeland Prairieland Community Park Amenities Center has probably been the most challenging so far. It was extremely gratifying to physically turn in and find out in person that we were low. Normally this type of job would have four or five hands touch it daily over the course of a month. In this case, it was me and one other person from start to finish. 

What is your favorite outdoor space?

My favorite place is Colorado. My family has acreage up in the mountains. I go up there twice a year. It’s gorgeous, and the temperatures and views are amazing.  

What does it mean to you to be a solution-ist?

Whether I try to be or not, I seem to be the person people come to to solve problems. I think it’s important to ask for help. Problem-solvers are people who think outside the box and look at things from different angles and aspects to fulfill the problem with a solution that works best for all parties, and keeps things moving along.

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