Johnny “Yanni” Demeris

Project Manager

  • Yanni joined B&D in 2016 as a project manager.
  • Prior to B&D, Yanni worked for a local landscaping company and has extensive knowledge of pool installations.

What is the most meaningful project?

The most meaningful project to me was the Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center. At the time, two of my children were in college at A&M, so it made working on the project special.

What does it mean to you to be a solution-ist?

We do a lot of complicated projects. What we build is not the easiest or most straightforward. Oftentimes the complexities of the project lead to issues, and we cannot easily accomplish things the way we expected. It is basically my job to look at what we have to build, how we’re going to get it done and provide solutions for our clients. If a problem arises, I need to be the solution-ist and solve how we’re going to get the job done. 

What is your favorite tree or plant?

My favorite tree is an orange tree. I planted a little one in my backyard and just watching the amount of growth, the amount of oranges I get off it year-to-year astonished me and a lot of my friends. I’ve had to prop it up for years with stakes.

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